Branding: Elixher

Branding: Elixher

Logo design and promotional visuals for
The design was created with the client's vision of having two female silhouettes facing each other
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  • Kimberley Mosley
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  • Logo and Promotional Designs
  • Date
  • October 2010
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  • Logo design and promotional flyers
  • Project Brief
  • Designed the official logo for Elixher. Also created a few promotional flyers to celebrate the website's launch and one year anniversary that followed.
Project skills & expertise

I pencil sketched the image of the silhouette faces then imported the sketch into Illustrator to digitally render the design. After final approval from the client, I went on to create the first set of promotional flyers for Elixher in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop - 14+ years Experience

Adobe Illustrator - 12+ years Experience


Infographic Design showcasing data related to the success of

Infographic for Elixher
Infographic for Elixher