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Elixher Magazine

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Project Overview

Elixher’s journey began primarily as an online blog platform that focused on thoughtful articles related to the LGBTQ community. As the platform grew, their vision expanded to print media, where they moved on to produce a magazine that would continue to highlight such stories and more. As a result, it was important to establish a design esthetic that assisted in elevating the brand.


Kimberley Mosley



Lead Designer

Marsha Peters


Cover and Inner Page Layouts

Elixher Magazine Summer 2013
Elixher Magazine Fall 2013
Elixher Magazine Spring/Summer 2014
Elixher Magazaine Fall/Winter 2014

Design Experience

The images used on the covers and inner page articles were all provided by the client. Photoshop and Indesign were used in the development of the visual aesthetics and page layouts.

Adobe Photoshop - 14+ years experience

Adobe Indesign - 12+ years experience

Additional Design Notes
A few of the inner pages from the magazines can be seen in the slider below