Logo Design: Kele

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Logo Design for Kele Nkhereanye

Branding Design  +   Flyer

Logo design for a community chef and food advocate, Kele Khereanye.

“Kelebohile “Kele” Nkhereanye is a food justice advocate who champions access to healthy food in low-income communities and combats health disparities. A native of Lesotho, Southern Africa, Kele’s global lens informs her work with diverse communities.”

  • Kele Khereanye 
  • Food
  • Logo Design and Flyer
  • April, 2021
  • www.kelenkhereanye.com
kele logo
kele logo
These are some of the ideas I played around with before settling on the final design. The client ultimately chose sketch number 3.
Kele Logo Sketches